Погодная станция домашняя KNX
The KNX weather station detects the meteorological data "Wind speed", "Precipitation", "Twilight", "Temperature" and the brightness in three directions. Its main area of application is the automatic, weather-dependent control of shading. It is specially designed for use in homes. To increase functional reliability, the weather station monitors itself in some important functions, and reports any corresponding errors to the bus automatically via indicator objects. It is intended for outdoor installation on a mast or on a wall. The bus coupling to the KNX/EIB is integrated (monoblock). Evaluation of the data themselves, in particular the limiting value processing, is performed already in the weather station. A built-in heater protects against degradation of function from frost and moisture condensation down to –20 °C. The heating system further ensures that the sensor surface of the precipitation sensor will dry off quickly after rain, and also melts snow and ice. Power is supplied to the unit via the bus, except for the heating system and the power supply for the precipitation sensor. The weather station requires an external 24 V AC/DC power supply for the heating system, without which precipitation detection is not possible. Logic gates are available for cascading a number of weather stations and for linking the limiting values and the monitoring functions. Blocking elements make it possible to block individual functions at the installation location.

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  • Измерение и анализ метеорологических данных: скорость ветра, осадки, сумерки, температура и освещённость
  • Вертикальный монтаж на наружных стенах зданий, предпочтительнее на крыше и на фасад

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