Актуатор аналогового выхода KNX, 4 каналы
устройство для крепления на Din-рейку, 4 установочных модуля
ETS семейство изделий: вывод
Тип продукта: аналоговый вывод, 4 канала

Для работы аналогового вывода требуется питание 24 В АС. Необходимое питание может обеспечить блок питания арт. WSSV 10.

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Модель: 2204.01REGA

Категория: Бренды, Jung

The analogue output converts measuring data received via KNX telegrams (1-byte and 2-byte telegrams) into analogue output signals.
The analogue output signals enable heating, ventilation and air conditioning units to adapt their output values to information received from the bus and thus to take part in control processes.
The outputs are software-parameterized for voltage or current signals.
Voltage signals: 0 ... 1 V, 0 ... 10 V
Current signals: 0 ... 20 mA, 4 ... 20 mA
Voltage outputs are monitored for short circuits.
The output state is indicated by status LEDs.
With the analogue actuator module, 4-gang (ref.no. 2204.01 REGAM), the number of analog outputs can be increased from 4 to 8. The connection is made via a system plug.
The output variables can be forced.
Outputs that are not required can be switched off.

Connectable analogue actuators
Do not connect electronic ballasts or electronic transformers with 1-10 V control input to the outputs.
Do not connect external voltages to the outputs. All connected components must ensure safe separation from other voltages.
Current outputs may be loaded with 500 Ω max.
Voltage outputs must be loaded with 1 kΩ min.
The GND terminals of the outputs K1 ... K4 are connected internally.
In the event of a short-circuit between a voltage output K1 ... K4 and GND, the respective output is deactivated.