Smart House / Smart Flat

Smart home is your main assistant. He will facilitate your life, will help to decide the great number of conservative tasks, will cook coffee for you and will provide security. His basic targets to create you a cosiness and comfort in house, to decrease energy… [read more]

<!--:ru-->Умный Дом / Умная Квартира <!--:--><!--:en-->Smart House / Smart Flat <!--:--> <!--:ru-->Умный Дом / Умная Квартира <!--:--><!--:en-->Smart House / Smart Flat <!--:-->

Smart Bank / Smart Office

Text about bank/office… [read more]

<!--:ru-->Умный Банк / Умный Офис    <!--:--><!--:en-->Smart Bank / Smart Office <!--:--> <!--:ru-->Умный Банк / Умный Офис    <!--:--><!--:en-->Smart Bank / Smart Office <!--:-->

Smart Hotel

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<!--:ru-->Умный Отель <!--:--><!--:en-->Smart Hotel <!--:--> <!--:ru-->Умный Отель <!--:--><!--:en-->Smart Hotel <!--:-->

Smart Clinic

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<!--:ru-->Умная Клиника <!--:--><!--:en-->Smart Clinic <!--:--> <!--:ru-->Умная Клиника <!--:--><!--:en-->Smart Clinic <!--:-->

Smart Restaurant

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<!--:ru-->Умный Ресторан <!--:--><!--:en-->Smart Restaurant <!--:--> <!--:ru-->Умный Ресторан <!--:--><!--:en-->Smart Restaurant <!--:-->

Smart Club

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<!--:ru-->Умный Клуб <!--:--><!--:en-->Smart Club <!--:--> <!--:ru-->Умный Клуб <!--:--><!--:en-->Smart Club <!--:-->

Smart University

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<!--:ru-->Умный Университет <!--:--><!--:en-->Smart University<!--:--> <!--:ru-->Умный Университет <!--:--><!--:en-->Smart University<!--:-->

Smart Museum

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<!--:ru-->Умный Музей <!--:--><!--:en-->Smart Museum <!--:--> <!--:ru-->Умный Музей <!--:--><!--:en-->Smart Museum <!--:-->

Smart Out door

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<!--:ru-->Умное Освещение <!--:--><!--:en-->Smart Out door<!--:--> <!--:ru-->Умное Освещение <!--:--><!--:en-->Smart Out door<!--:-->

Smart City / Smart Roads

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<!--:ru-->Умный Город / Умные Дороги <!--:--><!--:en-->Smart City / Smart Roads <!--:--> <!--:ru-->Умный Город / Умные Дороги <!--:--><!--:en-->Smart City / Smart Roads <!--:-->

Smart Church

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<!--:ru-->Умная Церковь <!--:--><!--:en-->Smart Church <!--:--> <!--:ru-->Умная Церковь <!--:--><!--:en-->Smart Church <!--:-->

We welcome you on the site of SMARTTECH company!

We are glad that you visited our site and hope you will find all information that you interested in. If you will be interested by some products or you will want to ask additional questions we will be glad to help you.

SMARTTECH proposed products that provide comfort in the modern terms of life, control and safety, also it allow to save energy. Work of our company aimed at creation of availability and prevalence of these equipment.

We offer:

  • Quality products
  • Full information about commodity
  • Technical support
  • Education in work with equipment
  • Support from design and setting till tuning and service
  • Partnership in work with products

Basic product which Smarttech offer, it is the system of automation of commercial and dwellings houses. It is more known as SMART HOUSE (SMART HOME). These systems are abreast with time and allow to provide a comfort for people who exploited them. Possibilities of these systems broaden every day and soon they will be usual addition of any house or office, bank or enterprise.

On the pages of our site you can find the detailed information about products, information about our company and work with us, and contact information for a collaboration and additional questions.

We will be glad to work with you!